Taking What We Need; Y2K19 Rubik's Cube Edition
Thursday, March 30, 2017 - 10:00pm


Taking What We Need Presents Y2K19 the Rubik's Cube edition!!!

The Rubik's cube is basically a freaking genius and also has never been solved except for by that computer that went on Jeopardy and it was by accident. Whenever any group of 17 people get together and stand around what they don't know is that exactly half of all those people have Rubik's cube either texting them on their phone stuff like “where are you??” or stuck right on their face as a jewellery item. The answer to most questions on multiple choice tests is Rubik's cube. The Rubik's cube is independent, thrifty, salicious, and usually occupies a managerial position in most companies. The Rubik's cube is a grandma, a park ranger, a spelling bee 8th place finisher , and a grandmother. It's your best friend and your landlord and a girl. The Rubik's cube is pretty nutritious if you boil it in salt water and then put it on a decorative bed of iceberg lettuce at an event. The Rubik's cube is also what powers the sun, and she does it as volunteer work to help the community. 

Please help Taking What We Need continue to support and empower low-income transwomen and transfeminine people across the city of Montreal by coming out to Y2K19: RUBIKS CUBE edition. Basically what happens is you have to show up to the party wearing different solid color clothing items and then exchange clothes with other people or clothes we stashed around the room until you got a full monochrome outfit. There will be lots of sizes of clothes at the party FYI and obvi even though it's mandatory to participate, it's an optional mandatory, but there will be prizes for participants, and things might just get pretty freaking sexy tbh. 

5-10 PWYC


5.00 CAD
Tickets will go offline: Thursday, March 30, 2017 - 15:00 (in 6 days 16 hours)